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About cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies enable us to compile user statistics and analyse data. We aim to constantly improve the quality of our website and content to our customers’ benefit. We anonymise user data and do not disclose it to third parties. You can also opt out of cookies by disabling them on your browser.

A cookie is a small text file which is sent to and stored on a user's computer. Cookies do not harm the users' computers or files. Note that many services do not function properly without cookies.

Our website uses both session cookies and tracking cookies. Session cookies are stored by the browser on your computer for the duration of the session and deleted once you close your browser. Only the session cookies of new visitors and those returning to the site will be stored.

Your browser tells us whether a tracking cookie has already been installed. If it cannot be found, a new cookie is installed. We never disclose data collected from tracking cookies to third parties.

Cookies can be disabled on most browsers. For example on Internet Explorer, click on Tools - Internet options - Privacy.

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